• You're my heart, my joy, my sweetness.
    You are my darling, my desire, my desire.
    You're my baby, my half, my beloved.
    You're the love of a day, forever, forever.
    You are you, I love you and I love. .

    Love is like magic
    And it always will be
    For the love remains
    Sweet mystery of life!
    Love works in ways
    Wonderful and strange
    And there is nothing in life
    That love can not change!
    Love can transform
    The most commonplace
    Beauty, splendor,
    Sweetness and grace.
    Love is unselfish,
    Understanding and good
    For it sees with its heart
    And not with its mind!
    Love is the answer
    Everyone seeks ...
    Love is the language
    That every heart speaks
    Love can not be bought
    It has no price and it is free
    Love, like pure magic,
    Is the sweet mystery of life

  • Avant le mariage, une femme doit faire l’amour à un homme pour le retenir. Après le mariage, elle doit le retenir pour lui faire l’amour.

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